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Arcade style tetromino

Quinn breathes fresh air into what is one of the most popular all time arcade game, tetromino, made famous by the hit title Tetris. Quinn however was built specifically for Mac and offers much more than just falling blocks.
Presented in a smooth OS friendly interface, it has its own set of pieces and more created by Quinn fans can be downloaded from the developer's site.
The game play is smooth and enjoyable, although sometimes the arrangement of falling pieces may not be random enough.
The program itself offers the typical one and two player games modes but adds network gaming, which can become highly addictive.
Quite a community has been built around Quinn, and the high scores are kept in different categories on the developer's page. To spice things up you can choose between five different multiplayer rules.

In all, Quinn, has managed to keep the true essence of tetromino games, whilst adding its own set of original features. A must have arcade game on Mac.

Fixed a crash under Snow Leopard after creating an online highscore account


  • Fixed a crash under Snow Leopard after creating an online highscore account

Quinn is an implementation of a popular falling-blocks game which, according to its owner, must not be named here. Written specifically for Mac OS X, Quinn features a neat user interface, perfectly integrated with Aqua, and a smooth look and feel for best user enjoyment.

The goal was not to reinvent falling-blocks games with yet another modification of the rules, but to preserve the simplicity of the original idea.

Still there’s everything you might expect in Quinn—including a two-player mode, network play with Bonjour support, online server and highscore lists, and five different multiplayer rules.


  • 5 tournament rules
  • Online rankings
  • Use customized pieces
  • Smooth gameplay


  • Pieces not always random enough

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Quinn 3.5.7 for Mac

User reviews about Quinn

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    omg!! feels like 1997 all over again!.
    I played tetris on my pc obsessively that year in undergrad.... until my mind started dayMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    buttons dont work.
    i downloaded this on to my new macbook pro only to find that the game wont let me move the blocks or rotate thMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    The first time it worked.Now if I try to open it it closes after one second.I can't play now.I am so sad so please fix iMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    I'm not sure what you are talking about, but if you have computer problems or internet connection is very slow, you can tMore

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